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At Polander Academy, our team is proud to work with teens and adults of all abilities to master the art of Balintawak Eskrima.  

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What is Balintawak Eskrima?

Balintawak Eskrima, also known as Filipino Stick Fighting, is a Filipino martial arts style that originated in the city of Cebu. It was founded by Great Grandmaster Venancio "Anciong" Bacon in the first half of the 20th century and heavily emphasizes self-defense.  The key is to learn how to defend yourself in the most effective way possible.

At Polander Academy, we train under Grandmaster Bobby Taboada. During training, we primarily utilize a single rattan cane. Through practice, the expression is not only through the cane but instead the cane and body as a single unit. The emphasis is on generating power, speed, and control in each movement.

What Makes Balintawak Eskrima Different?

Balintawak Eskrima turns martial arts instruction on its head.  Instead of teaching unarmed techniques first and weapons training later, Filipino martial arts begins with weapons and graduates to empty hands.

Because of this intense training experience, attributes relative to combat such as timing, speed, power, and control are learned much more quickly than with traditional martial arts. 

One of the most significant benefits of training in this system is the improved reaction time. Our dedication to the fundamentals helps students understand the optimal body mechanics for each specific movement.

If you have no prior martial arts training, Balintawak Eskrima provides a solid foundation on which to stand.  For those with prior martial arts experience, it allows you to integrate their other arts into a new training method.

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