A convenient hybrid program of both in person and online classes. Students can pick one of the programs or both. If you join an in-person program, you will receive access to online classes free of charge.

Virtual Training Classes from Bethesda

Polander Virtual Training Classes

Do you travel frequently? Ready to train from the convenience of your home or on the go? Polander Academy of Martial Arts now offers Virtual Training for ALL skill levels!

We are bringing premier martial arts and self defense training to you with virtual training!

We're excited to serve the communities beyond our brick and mortar school with our online training sessions! You can now get quality training no matter where you are. We host all of our sessions virtually just for you!

New Member Trial Class

1 Virtual Private Class with a Certified Instructor

Choose from: Kids Karate, Adult Karate or Cardio Kickboxing

Kids Karate near Bethesda

You and your family and friends can train wherever you want with Polander Academy of Martial Arts' Virtual Training. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates! Train every day, the Polander way!

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