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John Gannon in Bethesda - Polander Academy Of Martial Arts

John Gannon

7th Degree Black Belt Shin Shu Ho member

The martial arts became a part of my life in the late summer or early fall of 1992 when I walked into Kyoshi (then sensei) Polander's dojo at the Bethesda Naval Hospital Gym. It was a small room just off the basketball court. No mirrors just a glimpse now and then of your reflection in the windows. A great place to study karate. Through Kyoshi I was introduced to Taika Oyata's art. With Kyoshi as my instructor I followed Taika until his death. I had the privilege of testing in front of Taika for my Dan belts and of being a member Taika's karate family, Shin Shu Ho Ryu. This past year I had the honor of testing in front of Kyoshi Polander, Tasshi Greg Linquist, Hanshi Robert Teller and Professor Michael Bates. I received my 7th Dan. My journey continues with Kyoshi in pursuit of understanding and to keep the art of Taika Seiyu Oyata alive.

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