Magdalena Zubek Ciecwierz, Martial Arts Instructor

Magdalena Zubek Ciecwierz

4th Degree Black Belt

Magda started her training in 1994 by studying Shotokan Karate in her hometown of Warsaw, Poland. She emigrated to the U.S. in 2002 and continued her martial arts career by studying and teaching RyuTe Kempo Karate and earning her Black Belt in front of Taika Oyata in 2003. Magda believes that martial arts are the ultimate physical activity everyone will benefit from, no matter what your age, character or what shape you're in. There is no right or wrong way in studying martial arts and your training should be custom made so you will stick to it for a lifetime. She's been teaching Cardio Kickboxing for many years introducing a more fun, relaxed way to practice karate. To share her love for martial arts with her two young daughters, she designed the Little Dragon program for the youngest Martial Artists. Come train in her Monday class!

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