A convenient hybrid program of both in person and online classes. Students can pick one of the programs or both. If you join an in-person program, you will receive access to online classes free of charge.

**Offer ends August 31st

Bethesda Black Belt Classes

Beginner Black Belt Classes Enrolling In September

It's everyone's dream of reaching the level of black belt, here is your chance to achieve that goal. 

Begin training today with this specialized program that will launch you beyond simply learning motions into finding the meaning behind your movements and true technique for self defense

Come study with the best in Bethesda and receive individual attention, personalized training, and the opportunity to advance your skills even more. 


Benefits of Black Belt

  • Mental and Physical Challenge
  • Stretch your Abilities
  • Exposure to Different Weapons & How They Relate to Each Other
  • Study Alongside Martial Art Veterans of 10+ Years
  • Advanced Techniques

Black Belt Program Age Groups

  • From Age 18 To 70

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